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Intel BXSTS100A

€29.90 Price
Intel BXSTS100A, Processor, Radiator, Socket B (LGA 1366), Xeon

Active Heat-Sink with Fixed Fan BXSTS100A

Intel ABHMVR12V...

€194.90 Price
Intel ABHMVR12V, 12 V, 0 - 12 V

Modular Voltage Regulator (required for Dual-Core Intel Itanium Processor 9000 & 9100 series)


€469.90 Price
Intel AXXIBQDRIOMOD, InfiniBand, 1x CX4, Copper, Intel S5520UR, S5520URT, SR2625URLXR, SR2625URLXT, SR2625URBRPR, SR1600URR, SR1625URR, SR1625URSASR,

Single Port QDR InfiniBand I/O Module AXXIBQDRIOMOD

Intel I350-F2

€469.90 Price
Intel I350-F2, Green, Wired, PCI-E, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, Ethernet, Fiber

Ethernet Server Adapter I350-F2


€34.90 Price
Intel BXSTS200PNRW, Processor, Radiator, Socket R (LGA 2011), Xeon, Aluminium, Copper, Intel Server Board S2600GZ

Thermal Solution STS200PNRW Passive narrow