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Network Security Accs & Components

Network Security Accs & Components

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Cisco ASA 6-port SFP

€4,099.90 Price
Cisco ASA 6-port SFP, Wired, Fiber, SFP, 1000BASE‑LH, 1000BASE‑LX, 1000BASE‑SX

ASA Interface Card with 6 SFP Gigabit Ethernet data ports (SX, LH, LX) for ASA 5512-X and ASA 5515-X (spare)

Meraki MX64

€344.90 Price
Meraki MX64, Wired, Ethernet (RJ-45)

Cloud Managed Networking and Security, 50 users, 200 Mbps, 5x GbE, 1x USB 3G/4G, Grey

Meraki MX64W

€539.90 Price
Meraki MX64W, Wired, 802.11ac, 802.11n, Ethernet (RJ-45)

All in one Wireless, Branch Networking, and Security, 50 users, 200 Mbps Throughput, 70 Mbps VPN throughput, 5x GbE, 1x USB 3G/4G, 802.11ac/n WiFi, Grey

Cisco ASA5508-FTD-K9 1U...

€1,774.90 Price
Cisco ASA5508-FTD-K9, 450 Mbit/s, 1000 Mbit/s, Wired, Ethernet (RJ-45), 3DES,AES, 90-240

FirePOWER services, 8GE Data, 1GE Mgmt, AC, 3DES/AES w/ Firepower Threat Defense